seoul motor show 2017

Subject :
design the future, enjoy the moment
Exhibition period :
March 30-April 9, 2017
- Press Day: March 30 (Thur.)
- Public Day: March 31 (Fri.) - April 9 (Sun) (10 days)
Venue :
KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center)
Size of exhibition :
102,431㎡ (entire area)
Exhibits :
Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tuned cars, camping cars, two-wheelers, super cars,
auto parts and accessories, auto-related information technology (IT), tires, maintenance equipment, etc.
Exhibitors :
about 200 companies (domestic & foreign)
Sideline events :
International conferences and seminars, Driving Experience, Kids Experience Zone,
Collegian Self-made Car Contest, Safe Driving Experience Zone, business meetings
Entrance fee :
- adults & university students: 10,000 KRW
- students (elementary, middle, and high schools): 7,000 KRW
Organizer :
Organizing Committee for Seoul Motor Show (KAMA, KAIDA, KAICA)
International Promotion partner :
IMAG(Internationaler Messe-und Ausstellungsdienst GmbH)
The Seoul Motor Show is accredited by OICA and is the Biggest Show in KOREA.

About the Seoul Motor Show

Seoul Motor Show is the only OICA-accredited international motor show held in Korea.
It is hosted at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) around April in every odd numbered year.
The Seoul Motor Show is organized by the Organizing Committee for Seoul Motor Show which consists of representatives
from Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA), Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association (KAIDA),
and Korea Auto Industries Coop. Association (KAICA). Launched first in 1995, the tenth show was held in April 2015.

Celebrating in 2015 the show’s twentieth anniversary since its founding in 1995, the Organizing Committee for
Seoul Motor Show designed a new brand identity (BI) that better suits the concept of the show
and to present a more prestigious motor show to visitors. The concept involves associating the show’s identity
and the convergence of automobiles through IT and art.

The Seoul Motor Show is striving to transform into a major international event befitting the booming domestic automotive market
where about 1.8 million cars are sold annually.
The Seoul Motor Show also seeks to boost the local automotive market by focusing more on future consumers,
while promoting the interest of children and students in the field.
The two lines symbolizing the slender contour of an automobile represents Seoul Motor Show as dynamic and ready to move.
The title of the event, ‘SEOUL MOTOR SHOW’ takes the form of an aerodynamic, sleek, and lean automobile to represent the powerful,
state of the art, and elegant environment that the Seoul Motor Show strives to present through
its world-class exhibition of various automobiles.

The two “O”s in ‘MOTOR SHOW’ that represent the wheels of an automobile are shaped using two Mobius strips to symbolize
the changing and infinite potential and growth of automotive technologies.

Major International Motor Shows

The advent of motor shows occurred alongside the growth of the automotive industry.
The world’s first motor show was held in Germany (Berlin) in 1897, about 120 years ago. Then around 1900,
many automotive exhibitions appeared primarily by automobile powerhouses at that time.

Motor shows are most often hosted in advanced countries with a well-established automobile industry
and/or a large automobile consumer market like China.

There are approximately 40 OICA-accredited international motor shows in the world, and because most are held every two years,
about 20 OICA-accredited motor shows are held every year. The number is much larger if unofficially
(i.e. not recognized by OICA) held motor shows are included.

OICA designates the five most internationally renowned and historic motor shows.
Currently the top five motor shows are: Frankfurt (Germany), Paris (France), Detroit (US), Geneva (Switzerland), and Tokyo (Japan).
Most recently, China’s Beijing Motor show and Shanghai Motor Show have come into
the spotlight among global automakers based on the country’s enormous domestic automobile demand.

The History and Period of Major International Motor Shows
The History and Period of Major International Motor Shows
Motor Show Frakfurt Paris Geneva Detroit Tokyo
First Year 1897 1898 1905 1907 1954
Period Sep. in odd years Sep. in even years Every March Every January Oct. in odd years



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사이버자동차산업관을 2017년 1월에 개관하였습니다.